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Integrating IOT Technology to Solve Problems

  • We provide low cost flexible wireless monitoring solutions,
  • Easy to install
  • Low power (LPWAN) / long battery life
  • Ethernet or Cellular gateway
  • Mobile and desk top application software
  • Data capture, analysis, trending and export
  • Notifications (Text and Email)
  • Sensors include: temperature, humidity, water, sun light, open/closed, proximity, pulse count, asset, CO2, air quality, power, voltage, current, pressure, vibration, acceleration and many more
  • Many applications including: facility management, transport, healthcare, industrial, environmental, education, logistics, hospitality, energy, laboratory, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food preparation, retail, condition monitoring, etc.
  • Managed service solutions available

Please contact JBA Specialist Engineering Services for further information

JBA Specialist Engineering Services are able to offer flexible solutions to our customers because we realise that organisations differ. We understand that if you are successful, then so are we.


A comprehensive range of services providing endless capabilities.

  • PILOT PLANT DEVELOPMENT & CUSTOM PROCESS SKID ASSEMBLY AND TESTING Design and build including process and detailed engineering support, fabrication, pipe work, instrumentation, electrical and control.
  • PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS Functional Design Specification (FDS), Detailed Design specifications (DDS), software coding, FAT and SAT specification across most industrial PLC, SCADA and DCS systems.
  • FABRICATION, PIPE WORK, WELDING & MACHINING Custom fabrications and conventional milling & lathe set up across a range of materials.
  • LABORATORY REFURBISHMENTS Bespoke hydraulic pressure test units with electric or air driven pumps for pressure testing of many components but also to provide hydraulic power for various applications. Refurbishments and on-site maintenance and repairs.
  • LABORATORY REFURBISHMENTS Modifications and refurbishments, installation of specialist equipment, services and utilities, including design and remodelling.
  • REMOTE MONITORING AND WIRELESS SENSORS Complete system integration including gateways, sensors, configuration and data access via mobile applications.
  • CONTROL PANEL DESIGN, ASSEMBLY, WIRING AND TESTING Industrial control panel assemblies, PLC, DCS, Relay, Marshalling, LV distribution and motor control. Instrumentation systems, pneumatic and gas distribution and bespoke assemblies.
  • M&E SITE SERVICES & MAINTENANCE Equipment installation, plant disinvestment works, relocations, retro fits, plant modifications, on-site maintenance, call outs and repairs across the mechanical and electrical disciplines.
  • CUSTOM PROCESS & EQUIPMENT TESTING RIGS Bespoke design for equipment / process testing and data gathering / monitoring.

We provide delivery & logistics services with UK & Worldwide delivery including export packaging & documentation.


On site Safety Performance managed to ISO 18001, we have an impressive track record demonstrated by repeat business.


The right balance of project, technology and operational expertise to make a difference.
No connections with Vendors or suppliers allows us to give independent advice on what really matters.


Learning from, and access to many industrial sectors and technology providers, we are experienced enough to define scopes and agree content with you.


We are able to provide turnkey solutions for ease of engagement and the ability to work effectively with existing providers to enhance their performance with complete confidentiality.


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JBA Specialist Engineering Services Workshop
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Redcar TS10 4RF


Phone: +44 1642 438192
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